How to Upgrade Your AVG to the Latest Version

Nowadays, people use antivirus or internet security tool and software for many reasons. However, the main reason to use such products is to safeguard their personal and official data from others like hackers. In the ground, you can see a wide range of antivirus software but not all offer the fullest protection and other reliable benefits. If you want to access complete data protection and security, then you may prefer AVG Internet Security or antivirus. At present, over millions of users utilize AVG products because of its several unique features and advantages.

If you are experiencing any issue with the AVG product, then you can contact AVG support service to obtain a possible solution to the problem.  However, in the most cases, you will simply Reinstall AVG software to resolve all the basic issues. While reinstalling the products, it replaces all the AVG product settings and components with the new installation files. Thus, it can resolve the problems caused by the corrupted files or incorrect configuration. Even after reinstalling the product, the issue continues simply upgrade your AVG product to the latest version. It is because you can enjoy the latest tools and techniques to safeguard your data.

A guide for how to upgrade your AVG antivirus:

Are you using the older version of the AVG antivirus or internet security? Now, you can easily upgrade to the latest version of the AVG Antivirus. Without any additional charge and not influencing your license expiration date, you can install the AVG latest version and enjoy its unlimited features & benefits. Before upgrading your AVG software, you have to check for the current version of AVG you have.  If you do not know the procedure to check the current version of AVG, then you can follow the below instructions.

How to check the current version of your AVG:

In the bottom right corner of your AVG software, you can easily check your product version number. For examples, you will see the program file version as 16.81.7639. In this series of number, first two numbers represent the main version i.e. 2016 in this example. Note: if you are utilizing AVG performance, protection, or ultimate, you need not check the product version number because these products designed to update automatically.

Way to upgrade to the latest version of AVG:

Are you looking for the best way to upgrade your AVG to the latest version? If so, then you can follow the below steps to upgrade your AVG instantly without any hassle.

  • First, go to the official website of AVG i.e.
  • Now, click trail or paid version under the product name to download the installation file
  • Once download completed, run the downloaded file in order to start the installation process
  • When the installation process begins, the old version of AVG software will be uninstalled automatically. Sometimes, restart the device may need to finalize the installation process. The installation of AVG software will continue after the device restart
  • After that, you have to simply follow the instructions on your device screen to complete the installation procedure

Now, your computer will be protected by the latest version of AVG Antivirus Service Number +1-855-675-4245 software.

Know how to repair AVG:

If you want to repair your current or latest upgraded AVG software, then you can follow instructions.

  • Go to control panel on your device
  • Open programs & features options or add or remove programs
  • Choose AVG in the program list
  • Click on the change or remove button
  • Choose repair and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation
  • Finally, restart your computer

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